Should you upgrade your business computer network?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Regular network upgrades are critical to ensure your company remains productive and cost-effective at all times, in addition to keeping your data secure. Alternatively, if your computer network is already adequate enough, unnecessary upgrades will result in avoidable expenditure and down time.


If accountability for the company’s information and communications technology falls squarely on your shoulders, you must have the technical know-how to evaluate how the network is functioning. If it’s not on par, then further decisions on what type of upgrade and how to make the switchover without impacting daily productivity.
Networks are extremely diverse and upgrades can include:


  • Growing your computer network: As your company expands, your network has to be capable of managing extra the demand from additional computers. Expansion can also include setting up remote capabilities and investing in more cloud-based storage. 
  • Increased security: Staying up-to-date with your computer’s antivirus and malware protection is crucial to protecting your company from sinister cyberattacks. Ensuring you are vigilant cyber security will help safeguard data and the confidentiality of your employees.
  • Increases production levels: Any computer network upgrade should improve work output, save time and reduce upkeep.
Every employee linked to your network has individual tasks they want the software and hardware to be capable of. It’s often difficult to keep everyone happy, but discussions with team leads and staff surveys may provide unveil areas that need attention that you were previously unaware of.

If your company doesn’t have the resources or the knowledge to assess your network capabilities, hiring IT consultants to investigate your needs will be cheaper than making costly errors.

Before you commence any network upgrade, you will need to know:

  • How many devices need to connect to your network?
  • Will people use the network from remote locations?
  • Does your current software meet your needs and if not, what programs are available?
  • How much data is used every day?
With the rate of technology and the continual advances your network needs to be futureproof, so the decision you make about your network setups today will affect the flexibility of your network down the track and ensure subsequent upgrades are simpler.

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